London is a vibrant, diverse city with a strong track record in children's services across our 33 councils.

We strive to continuously improve the standard of care for children by providing wholly meaningful and valuable support. Collectively, we boast the strongest Ofsted rating in the country.

Social workers sit at the heart of everything we do in children's social care, which is why we feel so strongly about our commitment to supporting, developing, and growing our talented and dedicated workforce.

In London we are working together to attract, retain, nurture and support a workforce that is up for, and fully equipped to, continue delivering the support our children and families need.

What is London Social Work for Children?

London Social Work for Children (LSWC) aims to showcase the employment and professional development opportunities across all of London's 33 Councils, for both practicing and prospective children's social workers.

LSWC is an initiative delivered in collaboration with London Innovation and Improvement Alliance (LIIA) which is the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services (ALDCS) sector-led improvement partnership.

Read more about how London collaborates to support our workforce to enable our region to continuously improve and innovate for children and their families.

The London Social Work for Children platform brings together the extensive and diverse range of career opportunities that are on offer in the capital, where you can explore:

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Co-produced by London for London

The development of London Social Work for Children (LSWC) was agreed by London's 33 Councils as part of an ambitious programme to support the regions wider workforce ambitions to recruit, retain, support and develop children's social workers.

This platform has been co-produced by multi-disciplined task and finish group from across six London councils in each sub-region of London and one Teaching Partnership. Together the group have ensured full representation of London and the range of career opportunities available in the capital.

We are proud to be supported by many partners, with particular mention to Local Government Association (LGA) who have directly contributed to the design and build phase of this platform, and to the Department for Education (DfE), whose Recovery Fund award that enabled project initiation.

"This is such a beautifully laid out and functional website, lots of fantastic resources for social work professionals and employers to use. I’m sure it will make a great difference to London!"

Suzanne Hudson, Senior Adviser - Workforce and Policy, LGA

"Social workers play a valuable role in supporting the most vulnerable in society and the Department for Education is committed to ensuring there is an excellent child and family social worker for everyone who needs one. We recognise the ongoing challenge facing local authorities across the country in recruiting and retaining child and family social workers and are pleased to support London in their work in this space."

Department for Education (DfE)

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