Congratulations to Haringey Council who have received their first 'GOOD' rating for it's children's services department since the 2004 Children Act.

The importance of fostering a culture where people feel valued and have a true sense of belonging was highlighted in Haringey's recent Osted report.

"Haringey’s diverse population is reflected in the workforce and senior leadership team. This is important to frontline staff and one of the attractions of working for this local authority. Staff and leaders are acutely aware of the enduring public perception of Haringey children’s services. At all levels, staff are proud of working for Haringey. A culture of appreciation, kindness and support is firmly embedded."

"Staff said their leaders care about them, listen to them and take action to address the things that need to change. In turn, staff are loyal and they care about their leaders. Staff who leave often return to Haringey. They talk about the feeling of ‘family’. This sense of emotional safety is vitally important, enabling workers to practise with the confidence and persistence needed to effect change for children and young people who are living in very challenging circumstances."


Ann Graham, Director of Children's Services in Haringey, said it was heartening that inspectors were able to appreciate the positive culture that has underpinned the improvements in children's services and particularly that the care for staff from leaders was reciprocated with staff valuing and caring about leaders in Haringey.

Because of past tragedies, for Haringey to be judged as good (for the first time since the Children Act 2004) and seen to have such a solid foundation in its workplace culture is wonderful for Haringey and it is great for London.