In our first in a series of articles highlighting recent Ofsted inspections across London, we celebrate Hillingdon’s Children’s Services team being rewarded for their work with an ‘Outstanding’ rating.

Julie Kelly, Hillingdon’s Corporate Director of Children’s Services, praised Hillingdon's collective effort in achieving the best possible result.

"Achieving an Ofsted Outstanding grading is a testament to the quality and commitment of our workforce. They show up each and every day aiming  to make it the best day yet and gain the best outcomes ever. Outstanding is not  about perfection but is about persistence, and we support our workforce to persevere, learn and grow."

Julie Kelly, Corporate Director of Children’s Services, Hillingdon

Noted as a great place to take up a permanent role and continue your social work journey, Hillingdon’s diverse and dedicated workforce was one of the key factors highlighted by Ofsted in their decision. Staff are provided ample opportunities to grow and progress their career.

"Hillingdon has experienced stability in its workforce over a period of time but is not alone in struggling in the recruitment of social work staff. Leaders’ approach has been focused on staff well-being, training and career progression to develop, retain and attract staff, as well as having sound recruitment and retention plans in place.Social workers receive good-quality, consistent supervision, training, and support. Workers talked consistently about their loyalty and commitment to the service. Overall, caseloads are at a level that allows social workers to undertake relationship-based social work with children and families consistent with their assessed needs and plans."


A Journey of Success 

"Outstanding is success. Success is a journey, but not the final destination."

Tehseen Kauser, Director of Service Delivery - Children's Social Care, Hillingdon

Ofsted’s report identifies the stability in Hillingdon’s senior leadership team as one of the foundations to their success, emphasising their approachability and availability. Staff spoke overwhelmingly positively about the support they receive from managers.

Carolyn from Barking and Dagenham

The focus on staff wellbeing - on top of career progression opportunities - has contributed to building a stable and dedicated workforce. Social workers in Hillingdon feel like valued members of a big team, and consistently praise the culture within the borough.

"In Hillingdon Children's Services, we are more than a team—we are a family. Our strength lies in the rich tapestry of diversity woven into our workforce, and our pride stems from the shared commitment to every child's well-being. Together, we embrace the unique threads that make us whole, creating a fabric of care, compassion, and excellence that defines who we are."

Tehseen Kauser, Director of Service Delivery - Children's Social Care, Hillingdon

Their recent Ofsted rating is testament to the commitment and dedication of Hillingdon’s team, and highlights their great wider culture. Hillingdon’s recent staff conference – attended by 340 staff – celebrated Black History Month and their diverse workforce. The conference provided an inclusive environment for Hillingdon’s workforce to learn and connect with each other. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees.

Join Hillingdon’s Family

Hillingdon Children's Services is on a journey of continuous improvement, and they are looking for dedicated social workers to join their ‘Outstanding’ team. The success in their recent Ofsted inspection and the vibrant culture celebrated at their staff conference show that Hillingdon is a great place to work.

Visit Hillingdon's page for more information on the borough, and explore their career opportunities.